Well, its almost been a year since we've updated the website news wise. Where to begin. Out with the old in with the new, Zack and Brian are both out, however we would like to welcome Chris Fox as our new vocalist. Back to a three piece again, but its not stopped us at all. All we have been doing is writing and recording. We posted up 5 new tracks from our upcoming split with Water Torture on the bandcamp page, we also finished recording 5 more songs for our split with NO COMPLY. Up next, were recording 7 songs for a split 10" with SU19B from Japan that will finally happen and 2 songs for a split flexi with Michael Crafter from Australia. Were currently writing material for a long awaited LP, probably going to be in the ballpark of 16 brand new songs.

We will be playing here and there, but not really focusing on USA shows, mainly going to plan a week in Canada and start making plans to maybe visit Europe in 2016! Main goal, writing and recording as MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Appreciate you checking in, always new things going on...just unfortunately we are bad at the whole updating thing. We will change that, promise. -M

We've been a little quite on this front, that will probably change. We have more plans to be using this website instead of social media more. We have a TON of new material in the works, the NOISEAR split is out and available now, we recorded 4 more songs recorded and ready to go for another split with NO COMPLY coming out on TO LIVE A LIE, we also are finishing up tracks for a few more things. We will probably do a real full length in early 2015.

We are also planning to hit back up Canada and do a few east coast dates before the close of the year, thanks for sticking with us, it means more than you know.

While we haven't been that good at updating our website with news, except for the shows that is. Things have been really productive. However,we've been recording and writing NON-STOP. We just launched a new song off our upcoming split with Noisear (members of phobia, plf,& kill the client and more!) Jerkoff Records will be releasing it on both CD & VINYL. Details coming shortly. We have also been hard at work finishing recording for our split with No Comply. Expect tons of new stuff here shortly, we have a few fests coming up also for shows. Stay tuned, lots in the works. -M

Well well well looks like I've stopped being a slum and updated this news feed. Sorry for any silence. I update the shows page a ton, but sometimes fall short when it comes to this part. ANYWAY. SOOOO much has been going on lately here in our world. We've been hard at work writing and recording. We are about to finish up 20 new songs for a TON of new releases. Speaking of new releases, the split with FACTION DISASTER is finally out and available now! Limited to 502 vinyl 7" records (in 5 different colors!) and also on CD!

You can snag that and a ton of new merch (shirts, posters etc) on our webstore. We have been playing out a bit, but the focus as always is recording. Our record release show for the FD split is on the 16th with HOAX here in Detroit. Here in about a week or so ill be announcing the new splits. Please bare with us, check the shows page or email us and annoy me to update crap. Much love; M.

More than slack on this website, sorry about that. If you have been at least following the regularly updated shows page, you will see we have been very busy on the show front. We did a few 4-5 day runs through Canada and New York, then through did some stuff out in Wisconsin and Illinois. Things have been going great, meeting so many rad people and playing such awesome places..its honestly overwhelming! Were trying right now to slow down a bit on shows, but it never seems to happen with getting offered stuff we can't refuse. Were doing a show with living legends Reagan Youth next month then a few dates with our friends Weekend Nachos & Homewrecker in May! Then we will really try to take a break from shows till our fall tour. More details will follow on that jammer, its going to be insane though!

As for music, we have been really busy writing and recording even with all these shows. Before I go into details I should touch on updates with our split with Faction Disaster, after a few delays from the plant due to a tragic death, its back on track and will be available in about 6 weeks, limited to 500 copies, this one will be a beast! NOW for the new stuff, if you missed it we released a new track for our split 5" with the almighty Suffering Mind (killer polish grindcore) check it out HERE. It will be coming out within the next month or so on 7 Degrees Records out of Germany. We also are in the process of finishing recording for the 1 sided 10", which we have been working on since December, we slack...I know. It will be< self titled, we are screen printing the covers ourselves (the label doing this rules!) and it will be limited to 500 copies, 3 different color options and will be available everywhere! More details to come as well. Finally, we have two more splits to record for both of which will be HUGE for us and we can't wait to get these songs out. Also, we would like to say that all songs on these records feature NEW SONGS, we will never recycle a song for a split. That about covers whats happening, we will be churning out some new tunes to hear asap, also new merch! Hoodies, shirts, patches, pins, stickers, and a million other things hah. Till next time I get the time to write one of these! Thanks; M.

Wow have we been slacking? Yes, yes we have. Well on here at least! I'm happy to say welcome back to Marc from his movie in North Carolina! We have gotten down to business, and released two songs off the upcoming split with FACTION DISASTER. You can find them on the MRR youtube channel HERE and HERE. The cassette version will be out by next month for our tour with WATER TORTURE in Canada. The ending date is in Dearborn with Raindance (ex have heart) which should rule! We also have new posters, patches and shirts...starting to get real over here! We also will be announcing a new 'signing' soon for our 8 song LP coming out in the new year + a few more splits.
Keep checking in, hope all is well! Thanks; M.

So we have been slacking a bit, recordings still haven't surfaced...why? We want to get them to you when they're ready.We have a lot of things lined up, were also grind dads, so life sometimes gets in the way! Anyway, we have been busy BUT are now finally back on track. Marc has returned from North Carolina and wrapped up shooting of Iron Man 3 (he's kind of a big deal) so Grinding is in full force, I cant thank Joey enough for helping out during Marc's absence. We have also been lining up dates all over, getting out of the halfway house more and more. We will be venturing out to Illinois in December for two dates for the first time, then in January we are a week tour with Water Torture from Buffalo! Most dates are in Canada, one in Buffalo and then a hometown show. Things are getting rad, and more rad things are to come. Keep checking in. Thanks; M.

We've been hard at work in the studio as much as possible, we are churning out a LOT of stuff for the upcoming splits Its been a long long time coming to get some records in press, but i think the wait will be worth it. We also are about to head out to the east coast for a one off in Buffalo, NY with Water Torture and our good friends Bruxism are coming too! The night before were playing in Windsor, ON again, man that place feels more like home than Detroit. More things to come. Thanks; M.

Greetings! Welcome to the official website for DEAD CHURCH. We are still working out all the kinks on it, but its coming together well! We have a lot going on right now, lots of shows all over through Canada and the east coast plus we have been steadily in the studio getting ready to get all these 7" splits out! Keeping checking in here, we hate facebook and all that crap and prefer good ol fashioned .COM websites. Thanks; M.